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what is the best way to improve in English?


I always wonder how I can improve in English

By williamfree - ungefär 5 år ago

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    One thing which i find very useful is to simply start reading books written in the language you are learning.
    Im not sure about your level but try to find ones which are not too hard for you...

    Make it a habit to look up on words which you dont fully understand. It will probably be tough in the beginning, but then as time goes by, it will get a LOT easier!

    By Carl - ungefär 5 år ago


      Speak English at all time.

      By jak897 - ungefär 5 år ago

      • +1 and avoid thinking in your mother tongue as much as possible. - Carl - ungefär 5 år ago
      • agree! try to imagine conversations in ur head in the language you are learning - Khanh.Truong - ungefär ett år ago
      • we can improve any language by watching movies on new language with subtitle in mother tongue. - Megha - 4 månader ago

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